Experience the ultimate surfing in Australia (Part 1)

Australia is one of the developed countries and attracts a large number of tourists every year. In this country, there are many experiences for tourists such as food, culture, etc. One of the experiences in Australia that attracts tourists is surfing.

So how do you apply for a visa to Australia? Experience surfing peak in Australia like? Let’s find out with them today!

Peaceful nature at Australia’s beaches

Nature offers Australia a climate suitable for travel and experience. Rarely is any country in the middle of the open sea but not exposed to storms from the ocean.

This country in the summer is the season that attracts the most tourists. It has long stretching sunshine, peaceful old houses on the green beaches. All like creating a picture that attracts all eyes.

But don’t think the beaches in Australia are boring and boring! That is wrong! Walking along these beaches are essential services for visitors. For example, restaurants, cafes, etc. All have a quiet and gentle look.

Beaches in Australia are completely different from other bustling beaches in the world. It is not like the big cities of this country like Melbourne or Sydney. All beaches in Australia bring a strange peaceful feeling.

The first beach we would recommend to you is in Perth. It is a capital of the western state of Australia. The city of Perth has an extremely convenient location. It is located on the banks of the Swan River, otherwise known as the Swan River.

That beach is called Cott. This is one of the beaches that you and your family cannot miss if you’ve been to Australia. Especially if you want a top notch surfing experience in this country. This is considered one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches in the world.

Not just surfing! Cottesloe Beach is famous for its beautiful sunset view over the sea. It owns a peaceful and wild space. You and your family can also be instructed to swim, snorkel, windsurf or dive to see the coral. All will bring you the most unforgettable experience.

There are many ways to get to this island. Moreover, the island is not too far from the mainland. You can take the following ferry routes to get to Rottnest Island: Perth, Fremantle or Hillarys ferry routes. Extremely convenient, right? This place will be an extremely suitable place for you to try adventure sports such as surfing, diving, barefoot skiing, etc.

Have fun in Hawaii

Topping the list of recreational activities to do in Hawaii is scuba diving. People all over the world desire to come here to explore the coral reefs. On the Molokini crescent island, visitors can take a scuba diving tour to see a lot of diverse marine life in this paradise country.

Hawaii is a paradise for surfers. This place has the most amazing big waves that you hardly find anywhere else in the world. Surfing originated in Hawaii in 1779 and this state is a paradise for surfers.

Đi Hawaii thật là oai

The huge waves in Oahu and Waimea Bay on the North Coast are especially for professional surfers. The northern shore of the island of Oahu can be said to be the most majestic playground with a 11-km beach. This is one of the most perfect places in the world to conquer the waves.

If you’re new to surfing and want to try it out, you can sign up for a surfing class. A surfing lesson that usually lasts from one to two hours. And the guide will provide swimwear and a surfboard. The best way to explore Maui is to rent a car and drive on a highway called Road to Hana.

Vé Máy Bay Đi Hàn Quốc: Khu nghỉ Disney ở Hawaii mở cửa đón khách

Waterfalls are one of the most attractive points on the Hana highway, so visitors can stop and walk to these beautiful waterfalls before continuing on. Other fun spots to explore on the Road to Hana are O’emat Gulch’s seven sacred sandy beaches and Seven lakes.

An advice for travelers on this trip is to prepare before lunch if you do not want to pay for expensive meals at the stops. Scuba diving will let you discover strange creatures from the ocean. However, you will not be able to see all of the Hawaiian sea creatures while snorkeling.

Surely you will have the opportunity to look carefully at the rich ocean world in this paradise archipelago.

Top 6 water sports you should experience

1. Swimming – a popular sport under water

A long time ago, swimming was always the most popular water sport. From around 1800, swimming competitions were held in Europe, mostly swimming frogs. Swimming became a sport during the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. In addition to relaxing, swimming also offers great health benefits.

There are many swimming styles in use today. The types of swimming that are commonly used in sports are frog, back, butterfly, stride, and slant swimming.

2. Cano pull parachute

This extreme sport has caught the attention of so many people because of its novelty. Players are pulled to the sky with high-powered parachutes and canoes. Protected by lap and hip belts, you will be suspended at a height of 70 – 100 m. When lowering the umbrella, the life buoy you are wearing makes you float on the water. After that the canoe will drag you aboard.

3. Water motor

Water skiing (jet ski) is a popular sport in the sea. It can be said that jet ski is the perfect choice for travellers who like to experience thrills.

After wearing a life jacket, you will be guided by a guide to control the motorcycling. Coming to this sport, you will feel like you are driving a scooter on the water. With this game you have the opportunity to conquer undulating waves at a speed of 70-80 km/h. Water motor will definitely bring a new feeling for speed enthusiasts.

4. Kayaking

Kayak is the name of the boat used for sailing. Kayaking can help you relax after stressful working days. With easy-to-play, light-hearted characteristics, this is usually the choice of family, group. Everyone from large to small can join. Rowing is also a good way to lose weight by removing excess body fat.

This water sport is invested by most resorts and tourism nationwide to serve tourists.

5. Diving

Using water sports equipment is a must when participating in diving. With diving, you can use only glasses and snorkel or dive with support equipment such as air tanks, shoes, hats… Depending on the purpose of diving, participants will be guided in detail. Players will dive at a depth small enough to see the underwater scenery. Or choosing to dive deep to explore more under the sea is also a unique idea.

6. Surf the banana float

This is also a favourite water sport for the collective. Especially when playing this game, the buoy will be canoe or jetski pull the crab round to flip into the water. You can enjoy thrills with friends and family on a banana float. Feeling excited, excited but not alone is the strong point of this sport.

Why Men Want Water Sports

Men love devices or gears. They are constantly looking for activities that fit their own muscles. Besides, the men are always looking for and learning some new skills. They want to test themselves in water sports as if entering a real battle. Here are some male reasons why they can’t stop loving it.

Men love to experiment with themselves and develop their ability to “connect” themselves with water sports. Take on challenges from paragliding, boating, jet skiing, windsurfing, flyboarding, racing and rafting, and other extreme activities done through the wilderness…

They have made them feel like they have become should be stronger, brave and indomitable than ever.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Thể Thao Dưới Nước

Any man would enjoy being immersed in water just to find a kid’s playful moment when catching fish. Whether it’s saltwater to freshwater fishing, roads, docks or deep sea fishing charter, there’s a story to tell, and memorable moments.

With nice and rare catches, winning a race, they teach children how to lure fish. All of those things gave them a complete feeling.

Traveling here or mingling with water sports is probably the thing that makes men feel the most free. Freedom from the ocean is always a perfect gift for all men! Speaking of gifts, is choosing a gift for men always a difficult thing?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Thể Thao Dưới Nước

In contrast, women will be surprised when men can utter incredible things like: a Ferrari or a private yacht.

Nature always gives us many great things. That’s when 75 percent of the Earth’s surface is water. This is a common home for large animals and marine life. There is something from the ocean that attracts people, such as the clear skies, wonderful activities and wild adventures. So, why do most men love water sports?

Wish you have interesting experiences when referencing this article.

You can experience the trend of swimming with sharks fascinating in Koh Phi Phi island

The sweltering heat of summer was very near. If you want to escape very far, to somewhere immersed in the clear, cool water of the sea, surely Koh Phi Phi is an option not to be missed.

Besides the natural beauty retains many pristine beauty, this beautiful archipelago also has interesting activities. You should catch up with trends such as underwater photography or swimming with sharks.

Koh Phi Phi is a large archipelago located off the Krabi province, made up of 6 small peach islands, including Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Leh, Mai Phai, Yung, Bida Nok and Bida Noi.

If viewed from above, this place looks like two P’s lying next to each other.

Den Koh Phi Phi, trai nghiem trao luu boi cung ca map day hap dan hinh anh 13

Last March was a chance for many people to join the journey to explore Koh Phi Phi. The sharks that live around Koh Phi Phi island have been well researched and safe for tour operators.

Coming to Koh Phi Phi, it will be really regrettable for this island if you just lie on the white sand, listen to the waves or simply bathe like other beaches. Mother Nature has offered here an amazing underwater wonder with countless corals as well as colorful sea fish.

Den Koh Phi Phi, trai nghiem trao luu boi cung ca map day hap dan hinh anh 6

Diving is more complicated because you will need professional diving equipment with oxygen tanks to dive deep down.

Jumping into the sea is very refreshing. On the way to discover Phi Phi Island, the boat will stop at a shark stop or frequented for you to jump down to play with them.

Many people will probably be afraid when surrounded by animals that are dubbed the “ocean killer”. However, not all sharks are dangerous, so visitors can be completely assured when participating in this extremely unique experience.

Instruct to practice standing water in swimming

In the summer, there are many people who choose to go swimming with the purpose of dispelling the hot summer heat. So, this season there are many reputable swimmers.

Learning to swim is actually not as difficult as you think because swimming is a natural instinct of humans. However, if you have to learn the right technique and apply the right method, learning to swim will become easier. Below is a guide to practice standing water in swimming for your reference.

Practicing standing water is one of the most basic techniques when learning to swim and is essential to becoming more confident and safer when swimming. Learning to stand by the water is very simple, you can learn and master the standing technique after just one training session. Standing water is different from standing on land, standing water is that you must have the rhythmic movement of both hands and feet to keep the body floating on the water.

When you start practicing standing water, you should choose the pool’s shallow water for safety. To learn the technique of standing water, you must master the breathing techniques, floating on the water and pedaling techniques, water fans first. Choose a shallow place to stand, breathe in and out rhythmically as learned in breathing techniques, and perform hand movements under the water surface and rub from front to back. Hand rub in water standing technique is like you are using your hands to rub water and feel the water. Once you’ve mastered your hand rub and can feel the water around you, switch to footwork. When practicing footwork in water-standing technique, choose a position near the wall of the tank, stick your hand to the tank wall and perform cross-leg kicking. Keeping your toes straight, you perform cross-leg kicks up and down quickly. Once you are comfortable and accustomed to the cross-leg kicking action, move away from the edge of the pool and incorporate a smooth hand rub and foot kick.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Hướng dẫn tập đứng nước trong bơi lội

To be most safe when practicing standing water techniques, you should choose the location of shallow water, stand not too far from the wall of the tank so if done unsuccessfully, you will immediately stick to the tank wall when necessary. Alternatively, you can choose the pool to practice if there is a problem with this technique. Good luck.

NEMO – The Unmanned underwater camera

Explore the underwater world, even when you can’t dive into the sea. That’s why Nemo was born. This is an extremely stable underwater drone with Ultra High-Definition 4K camera.

Nemo Underwater Drone is capable of diving up to 100 meters deep allowing you to take Ultra HD 4K quality photos and videos saved directly to the internal memory or stream via the app.

With its Virtual Reality function, you can even enjoy underwater viewing in real time, in high definition. Thanks to its unique 4-wheel design, Nemo can maintain perfect stability underwater.

In addition to the UHD 4K camera, Nemo is also equipped with 2 groups of LED lights. This intense light brings out the colors and shows more detail about the coral reefs and the creatures that live on the sea floor.

Controlling Nemo is easy – just connect the app when there is a Wi-Fi network and turn on the journey tracking app. Nemo stores and transmits video over a special cable to the Wi-Fi connector.

You can then view the actual mode on the application installed on your phone or tablet. Add VR glasses to increase visibility with rich virtual reality experiences.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho quay san hô

Nemo is built with revolutionary design and advanced materials. It is also the first drone of its kind that can be easily cleaned with water after use in salt water.

Just before you and your camcorder plunge into the water, there are a few important things to keep in mind to make sure you are like a professional filmmaker.

When you are in the water it looks great. Continue to the subject you are rotating slowly until you get closer to them. This will give a full rotation. This way you can see the material that you filmed after diving instead of risking having to salvage the camera at the bottom of the sea.

What are water sports shoes and worth it

Sport shoes and their uses are well known. There are models that are fashion-oriented, serving the needs of going out, meeting friends or attending parties.

There are also product lines born to support sports practice. Even today, the trend of sports shoes is gradually giving priority to flexibility and usability combining both purposes above.

Amidst that exciting development, many unique shoes with the same and unique function were released. Water sports shoes are a good example like that. A pair of sports shoes but know “wading”. Shape, material like it? And it’s different from ordinary Sneaker.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho GIÀY THỂ THAO DƯỚI NƯỚC

Sport shoes is the term for shoes used for sports activities. Usually it has a rubber sole. According to Fandy, water sports shoes were used in Trekking. Compact form, fits in a sock, fits your foot. Designed in the form of unisex sport shoes, omits most of the extra details.

They ensure the flexibility and mobility of the product. The sole has nails to increase grip, prevent slipping. In addition, it is indispensable for absolute water resistance thanks to rubber and TPU.

The problem that everyone has encountered but always ignored by the sea is the sandy feet, causing discomfort and pain. To solve this, all versions of the water sports shoes are equipped with plastic studs under the sole. It remedies the case of subsidence and gives a feeling of light movement.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho GIÀY THỂ THAO DƯỚI NƯỚC

Water sports shoes can be considered as a “good companion” for Trekker throughout their every journey. Users will be completely comfortable conquering the most dangerous terrain on their own feet. Throw away all worries about shoe durability, or the feeling of foot pain when using it.

A couple that has a bold, standard Streetwear design. Has a waterproof transparent material from Off-White. Ready to work with you to create amazing clothes, even an underwater On-feet photo. Too interesting is not it!

The longest water slide in the world

The 1,111-meter water slide at Penang Escape Park in Malaysia has just been awarded the world’s longest water slide on 6/9 by the Guinness World Records Organization.

Bernama reported that a theme park in George Town, Penang, Malaysia will bring the world’s longest water slide into operation in the second half of October.

Speaking to the press on September 25, the founder and CEO of Penang Escape Park – Mr. Sim Choo Kheng – said the 1,111 meter water slide at this park has just been Guinness World Records Organization (GWR) awarded the title of world’s longest waterslide on 6/9.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bài viết về Trượt nước thế giới

The slide has the highest point up to 70 meters above the ground, including 488 sections of pipe and 326 guard rods. A total of 10,248 screws and screw nuts were used to install the trough.

In addition, the construction unit must also use a record number of steel pipes with a total length of 1.2 km, weighs 66 tons to fix and shape the chute.

Also according to Mr. Sim, the cost of installing the slide is up to 5 million ringgit (about 1.2 million USD), while the construction period of the trough installation lasts nearly 8 months.

Along with the slide, Penang Escape Park also has many other adventure games such as water skiing, cable cars, motorcyclists and tank racing.

The people who came up with the idea of ​​building the park wanted to give both domestic and international visitors a more adventurous, more adventurous feeling.

When completed, the water slide at Escape amusement park will beat the previous Guinness record, more than 600 m. To experience the 1,140 m long slide, visitors must climb to the top of the hill and then slide through the trees in the forest, down to the large swimming pool below for 4 minutes.

Sim Choo Kheng, the park’s executive director, said it had no intention of breaking a world record, but was still proud of the work. One of the reasons the trail is so long is that the park does not want to cut down trees. Last year, they also opened a 300 m slide.

Interesting information revolves around Water Skiing

What is wakeboarding? This is the question that many people ask the most today when choosing them as sports practice and competition. The following article we will explain the most complete and detailed to you, let’s find out!

When participating in Water Skiing, you will have to stand on skis and be dragged across the water by a yacht. You should always stand with your knees bent, keep your hands bent and let the boat pull you forward. At the same time, lean back to keep gravity, breathing rhythmically as usual.

Những lưu ý khi chơi môn thể thao trượt nước

Many people tend to hold their breath when playing extreme sports, really bad habits. Finally, try to turn to one side gently when you are familiar with traction and balance well.

There are many choices for recreational or competitive skiers. You can choose from: speed skiing, trick skiing, performing skiing, jumping skiing, barefoot skiing and wakeski. Related sports are similar to wakeboarding, discing, kneeboarding, tube and hydrofoil sitting down.

To join the game, you must stand on a skateboard called wakeboard and be dragged by the yacht on the water. The wakeboard is usually small rectangular and has a pair of shoes fixed on the board.

Kỹ thuật trượt nước cơ bản

The wakeboarding game is fairly easy to play and does not require too much effort. You just need to master a few simple techniques, anyone can play. Similar to jet ski, wakeboarding cannot be played alone.

Therefore, this is a good opportunity to gather friends and family to have fun and connect with each other. Besides, wakeboarding is also a competitive sport. Specifically like the Supra Pro Tour championship.

Like sports that help increase height, water skiing also has basic techniques. Skiers go into the water with their skis or jump in without skis on their feet.