The longest water slide in the world

The 1,111-meter water slide at Penang Escape Park in Malaysia has just been awarded the world’s longest water slide on 6/9 by the Guinness World Records Organization.

Bernama reported that a theme park in George Town, Penang, Malaysia will bring the world’s longest water slide into operation in the second half of October.

Speaking to the press on September 25, the founder and CEO of Penang Escape Park – Mr. Sim Choo Kheng – said the 1,111 meter water slide at this park has just been Guinness World Records Organization (GWR) awarded the title of world’s longest waterslide on 6/9.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bài viết về Trượt nước thế giới

The slide has the highest point up to 70 meters above the ground, including 488 sections of pipe and 326 guard rods. A total of 10,248 screws and screw nuts were used to install the trough.

In addition, the construction unit must also use a record number of steel pipes with a total length of 1.2 km, weighs 66 tons to fix and shape the chute.

Also according to Mr. Sim, the cost of installing the slide is up to 5 million ringgit (about 1.2 million USD), while the construction period of the trough installation lasts nearly 8 months.

Along with the slide, Penang Escape Park also has many other adventure games such as water skiing, cable cars, motorcyclists and tank racing.

The people who came up with the idea of ​​building the park wanted to give both domestic and international visitors a more adventurous, more adventurous feeling.

When completed, the water slide at Escape amusement park will beat the previous Guinness record, more than 600 m. To experience the 1,140 m long slide, visitors must climb to the top of the hill and then slide through the trees in the forest, down to the large swimming pool below for 4 minutes.

Sim Choo Kheng, the park’s executive director, said it had no intention of breaking a world record, but was still proud of the work. One of the reasons the trail is so long is that the park does not want to cut down trees. Last year, they also opened a 300 m slide.

Interesting information revolves around Water Skiing

What is wakeboarding? This is the question that many people ask the most today when choosing them as sports practice and competition. The following article we will explain the most complete and detailed to you, let’s find out!

When participating in Water Skiing, you will have to stand on skis and be dragged across the water by a yacht. You should always stand with your knees bent, keep your hands bent and let the boat pull you forward. At the same time, lean back to keep gravity, breathing rhythmically as usual.

Những lưu ý khi chơi môn thể thao trượt nước

Many people tend to hold their breath when playing extreme sports, really bad habits. Finally, try to turn to one side gently when you are familiar with traction and balance well.

There are many choices for recreational or competitive skiers. You can choose from: speed skiing, trick skiing, performing skiing, jumping skiing, barefoot skiing and wakeski. Related sports are similar to wakeboarding, discing, kneeboarding, tube and hydrofoil sitting down.

To join the game, you must stand on a skateboard called wakeboard and be dragged by the yacht on the water. The wakeboard is usually small rectangular and has a pair of shoes fixed on the board.

Kỹ thuật trượt nước cơ bản

The wakeboarding game is fairly easy to play and does not require too much effort. You just need to master a few simple techniques, anyone can play. Similar to jet ski, wakeboarding cannot be played alone.

Therefore, this is a good opportunity to gather friends and family to have fun and connect with each other. Besides, wakeboarding is also a competitive sport. Specifically like the Supra Pro Tour championship.

Like sports that help increase height, water skiing also has basic techniques. Skiers go into the water with their skis or jump in without skis on their feet.

Water volleyball – The attractive sport for young people

What is one of the most exciting sports among young people today? Surely people will not be too surprised to hear the name Water Polo. It is also known as water volleyball. To find out how attractive it is, let’s find out what Water Polo is or its history and origin. Let’s find out now.

Underwater volleyball is a team sport played under water. The team consists of goalkeepers and 6 players. The winner is the team that scores more goals. The two sides struggled to throw the ball back and forth to score many goals on the opponent’s goal.

Các vận động viên tranh giành bóng quyết liệt

To play well this subject requires swimming skills and floats. The players pass the ball back and forth to each other and are blocked by the opponent. They scored by throwing the ball into the net in the keeper’s protection. Water volleyball has many similarities with ground handball and it requires a lot of physical effort.

The origin of the water polo comes from swimming skills shows at festivals and fairs in England and Scotland in the late 19th century. During this period, William Wilson was credited with developing the game.

Today’s water balloons are developed under the organization London Balloons. Gradually developing in many countries like the United States, China, Australia, Canada and Brazil. It used to be called “Water Rugby” but it later became “Water Polo”.

Luật ném bóng 1 tay với vận động viên

Nowadays, water volleyball has 7 main players and 6 reserve players. The balls used are made of waterproof nylon material. The size of the ball is quite similar to the ball in football. Using such a ball ensures that the ball playing is always at its best.

A water volleyball match takes place when all the players, water balls, playgrounds and referees are present. The venue for the matches is underwater in different locations. Each playing team will have different tactics and roster like in football. However, it requires physical and is the hardest sport to play.

The water sport in the Republic of Cyprus

On an island surrounded by crystal clear water – and with a pleasant year-round temperature of about 16-24 ° C. That makes water sports in Cyprus grow quickly, vibrant with many rich activities. Cyprus has beaches that are considered to be the cleanest in Europe.

Water sports in the Republic of Cyprus begin with light activities in shallow waters. Then to provide more fun activities for the athletes, even there are adventure sports activities.

A large number of water sport facilities are provided on the beach and the hotels you can rest on. There are some fun and challenging activities: parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing, boating…

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Môn thể thao dưới nước tại Cộng hòa Síp

Instructional equipment or related safety equipment provided by water sports operators. Cyprus is the birthplace of the legendary Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love and passion.

Aphrodite was born and lived on the island, close to Paphos – the capital city of western Cyprus. Currently, Paphos has many archaeological remains of many famous Roman villas, palaces, theaters, forts and islands.

Cyprus mainly uses the Euro instead of the pound used previously. However, North Cyprus uses its own currency. Most banks across the country will offer exchanges for all official currencies or checks.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Môn thể thao dưới nước tại Cộng hòa Síp

Once a British colony, English was mostly used in Cyprus other than Greek. All street signs may use Greek or English depending on the city. Drinking or being drunk in public is an embarrassing act in Cyprus. The island also does not tolerate drug use. Driving in Cyprus following UK standards is on the left side of the road.

Droushia Village is located at the highest point of the Laona valley, 30 km from the city of Paphos, with a population of about 450 people. Here one can find everything that makes a Cyprus village a popular destination for thousands of Cyprus tourists each year.

Droushia is the perfect place for people who value nature and the outdoors. People come here to bike around, watch the wild birds

I dived to see the coral and touched the ocean floor even though I could not swim

As I sat on the boat swaying to the middle of the sea, I began to get nervous about whether my decision was wrong.

First of all, you need to differentiate between Snorkeling and Diving.
While Diving is a sport only for those who are good at swimming and when diving into the deep sea need to bring oxygen.

Snorkeling is for everyone who knows how to swim or not. I only need to wear a lifejacket, a snorkel and I can face the ocean and see the ocean with lots of interesting things.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lặn ngắm san hô

I am a person who is afraid of water and has never learned how to swim successfully. Meaning I have tried to join many different swimming classes but have not overcome my fear of being able to swim underwater.

During the annual summer vacation with my best friends, we traveled thousands of kilometers together by different means such as airplanes, buses, speed boats. We dropped by the beach to visit the beautiful island of Koh Lipe – a pristine island in southern Thailand close to Langkawi – Malaysia.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lặn ngắm san hô

It is famous for its clear blue sea, white sand and a unique sport snorkeling. A completely foreign sport to me. The whole group of 5 best friends buy snorkeling tours together and I swear I don’t even know how to write snorkeling. But I still bought the tour with my friends.

Then stop at the most beautiful beach in Koh Lipe to watch the sunset. As I sat on the boat swaying to the middle of the sea, I began to get nervous about whether my decision was wrong. At the first stop, the whole group started wearing life jackets and breathing tubes and excitedly jumped into the sea. They began the journey to explore the ocean.

As for me, a girl who could not swim and was afraid of water, she did not dare leave the boat. however, after being encouraged and helped by the guide cum the train driver. I also dived and began my exploration journey.

Unique underwater yoga and absolute weight loss effect

Have you ever heard of Yoga under water? Aqua yoga or underwater yoga is a type of yoga in which the asana postures are performed in water. This is a gentle activity and can be more accessible to those who have to work with heavy exercise such as Gym, Zumba, Dance.

The effect of underwater yoga will also help you lose weight with a firmer body but not a single sweat. Join me to learn about other unimaginable benefits as well as the self-training exercises of this underwater Yoga!

With Yoga underwater, no matter how long you practice, you will not sweat at all. On the contrary, if you are at a fairly small and hot ground gym, you will suffer sweating and heat.

You will not need the yoga mats, pillows or hammocks when flying into the water. Besides, you will avoid physical injuries from other Yoga schools practicing on the ground and practice mat.

Since in the country you will be almost weightless, you can perform Asana poses without worrying about falling or falling to the ground. In addition, you can fully focus on stretching and increasing the body’s flexibility in water. This will be a great place for you to try hard movements and develop your own extreme abilities.

Underwater yoga still applies the postures, breathing and principles of yoga. Therefore, with Yoga underwater will increase the ability to focus, stabilize your mind and reduce stress for you, promote the meditation process easier.

Before training, start warmly, drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Because you are in a state of water practising Yoga movements, move slowly. When starting deep water movements, take a deep breath and exhale slowly to avoid choking and drinking too much water.

Many people often think that it is impossible to meditate while underwater. However, this is a great way for you to burn calories, effectively reducing excess fat

Introduction of water polo

Water sports with the benefit of endurance and help players develop a more comprehensive body is the choice of practice for many people. In particular, water polo with simple gameplay and rules is gradually becoming the most popular water sport today.

Water polo or water polo originated in England and Scotland around the end of the nineteenth century. Initially, water polo was just a simple gesture to show the strength of swimming.

But later it was improved and built a stricter game rule. By 1900, water polo had become an official sport at the Olympic Games and was still in use until the games today.

Bể bơi dành cho môn môn bóng nước phải đạt kích thước 30×20m

To organize a water polo, two teams are needed and each team needs 7 members. Players can only use one tree to hold the ball and only the goalkeeper can use two hands. Teams that score by throwing the ball into the opponent’s goal, the team that scores more points will win.

In addition, during the match, each player is not allowed to stay on the opponent’s field for more than 20 seconds. Each water polo game is divided into 4 rounds with each playing duration of 7 minutes. Usually, every match including playing time and rest time usually lasts about 1 hour.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho bóng nước

Water polo, if only for fun and practice, does not have too many strict requirements. However, for official matches that require the professionalism of athletes, there must also be mandatory venue requirements.

Specifically, the swimming pool where the matches take place must ensure the size of the competing swimming pool with a length of 30m, a width of 20m and a minimum depth of pool of 2m. The height of the goal is 0.9m and the width of the goal is 3m. At the same time, the place said to be the forbidden area of ​​the goalkeepers must ensure a distance of 2m from the goal.

Overview of scuba diving

Scuba Diving is fast becoming one of the favorite sports. This is a fun, entertaining activity. And there are rare activities that help release adrenaline, keep the body healthy as well as give players the feeling of peace and tranquility like diving.

The highly qualified and experienced coaches of RAID are committed to training according to each person’s ability, helping students develop and be confident in their own abilities.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lặn

In fact, none of them is a threat to us, even the sharks, assassins of marine creatures, are frighteningly framed like Hollywood movies. The truth is that your risk of dying from a bee sting is far greater than being attacked by sharks.

Most shark attacks are caused by mistaking swimmers, windsurfing with seals or injured fish. And despite being bitten and injured, we are not a shark’s favorite food. When we are in the water with them, we are neighbors, not shark menus.

They can sometimes be said to be useful. Tropical waters are great diving spots, but cold workers from cold water countries like Canada. Snorkeling teaches very unique skills, which makes for a very unique team type.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho lặn

It is a special joy to be able to share feelings and experiences full of wisdom. Many divers enjoy diving society as much as they enjoy diving. The trainers noticed that when one of them learned to dive, then the other members would also learn to dive.

SCUBA diving is a form of underwater swimming, or participating in other activities such as underwater photography with the help of SCUBA diving gear. One type of system introduced by Jacques-Yves Cousteau to recreational divers for the first time was the use of a cold air supply system.

When using the open system, oxygen and other gas components are wasted when we exhale through air bubbles. Meanwhile, the closed recirculation system will not release air bubbles and there will be no effective change in air use even deeper.

Magical victory over a white shark of a fisherman guy

Joe Tanner started surfing from the University of Portland (Oregon, USA) in 2006. He identified himself as a pretty good surfer when easily balancing on the board before the big waves.

On sunny Sunday, Joe Tanner plans to go surfing with friends on the Oregon coast. But the friend could not come, he decided to go alone, spend the morning surfing and resting in the afternoon.

Around 4 pm, Tanner and some other surfers on the beach went back into the water. While swimming on the board to prepare for a wave, he felt something grab his leg, trying to pull him off the board.

Tanner’s first reaction was doubt. When he opened his eyes, the shark was like a giant wall right in front of him with the head on the left and the tail on the right. His right leg is in the shark’s mouth.

Tanner thought he was sure to die. But in the moment of his life and death, he remembered if a shark was attacked by a shark, punch his nose or eyes.

Miraculously, the shark released Tanner. He immediately climbed onto the board and shouted to get everyone out of the water. Tanner was about 180 meters away from the shore now, but there were others nearby, so he tried to get back to shore. Meanwhile, he was afraid the shark would follow the smell of blood from his injured leg.

When Tanner got ashore, everyone called for help. He said he had asked people to use the leather straps from the plank to tie the garo to stop the bleeding on his right leg. Up to six people could lift Tanner on the surfboard to the car park.

Here, he asked them to remove the top of the surfing suit they are wearing, so that emergency personnel can easily take the necessary measures. He also quickly said his blood type. Shortly thereafter, the police and a helicopter arrived and took Tanner to the medical center.

Marine biologists call Tanner’s escape an extraordinary thing. He did everything right from punching the sensitive part of the shark to first aid instructions before the medical forces arrived. Joe Tanner knows how to give first aid in part because he works as a nurse at Legacy Emanuel Portland Medical Center.

Dr. Matthew Levy, professor of emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins Medical University in Baltimore, said: “It is clear that he was extremely lucky and extremely calm in the face of this emergency.”

This is like a lifebuoy for you. Dr. Levy also judged Tanner’s actions to be wise, as serious blood loss was the leading cause of death within 24 hours of injury.

Scuba diving – The attractive sport for you to try

Scuba diving began to attract many participants as an interesting way of entertainment and also a way of training to cope with danger.

Although it takes a lot of time to practice and prepare to take a few minutes to explore the ocean, those who love this subject think it is completely worth it. The feeling of freedom without weight when exploring the underwater world makes many tourists excited to the sea when given the opportunity.

Since scuba diving is an extreme sport, participants are always required to undergo training. According to the division of professional scuba divers, this sport is divided into two branches, freedive and scuba.

Freedive means that the diver doesn’t have the support of underwater breathing equipment. Freedive requires players to train hard and properly follow the instructions of the coach to improve their ability to hold their breath and withstand pressure when going deep.

Equipment for a freedive diver includes: swimming legs, goggles, diving clothes. The scuba is a scuba diving device, which is understood to be a device that aids in breathing underwater.

Equipping a scuba diver in addition to freedive-like items also includes a buoyancy balancing vest, breathing apparatus and an oxygen tank. Under the clear blue water and the mysterious murmur of the sea, the fish swim around the coral clusters of all colors.

Today, many brave travelers also have nightly snorkeling. At night, the diver cannot go fast and far, just sticking to the bottom of the sea, looking at the compass, shining a flashlight on any creature, watching that creature.

However, this is the time when the fish are all asleep, so they stand still for visitors to admire. The limitation of night diving is limited so visitors are easy to hit the rocks or being injured.