7 benefits you may not know of exercising underwater (Part 2)

3. Exercising in water helps the body to stay supple

Water-resistance will partially remove this gravity and make you more flexible in the field impact. Water exercise is very helpful in improving back and lowers body endurance. This flexibility is very important if you want to improve your physique and balance.

Exercising in water helps the body to stay supple

Warm water is the best choice if you want to improve flexibility because warm water will help soften muscles. You should choose a swimming pool with warm water to exercise.

In 2013, the Journal of Physical Therapy Science reported that underwater aerobic exercise will help the elderly maintain a better balance and reduce the risk of falling.

4. Water exercise helps stabilize heart rate

Water will help blood circulate more efficiently throughout the body. This will help you lower your blood pressure and regulate your heart rate. Furthermore, water exercise is also a way to increase cardiovascular endurance.

The Asian Journal of Sports Medicine in 2010 showed that 10 weeks of water aerobic exercise helps ease high blood pressure. This is the right way to control blood pressure for overweight people and the elderly with joint or respiratory problems.

5. Water exercise helps increase muscle strength

Water is always moving and changing directions, creating more resistance than air. The resistance of the water will help the muscles to move more and from there stronger.

Water exercise helps increase muscle strength

A 2016 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that water and terrestrial exercises are equally effective in helping to strengthen muscles. However, this needs to be verified with more experiments.

6. Water exercise helps you relax

It is very peaceful and relaxing to watch the sea or activities at the pool. But being immersed in water can also reduce stress on the body and mind. The relaxing powers of water are so good that the reputation of running water is also used for meditation.

Exercising in water stimulates the brain to release endorphins that make you feel good. Also, these exercises increase the amount of oxygen to the muscles and regulate breathing.

7. Water exercise helps you more economically

Exercising in water does not require tools such as weights or machines. Water resistance has the same effect as these tools. This is a very convenient and inexpensive form of exercise that few people think about.

Above are 7 benefits you may not know of exercising underwater.

The most popular water sports nowadays

With water sports, you both exercise and be passionate about while struggling underwater. Today, let’s take a look at the 5 most popular water sports.


Many people question what sport swimming is? Swimming is the most popular and popular sport today. Swimming includes individual swimming and team swimming. You can practice this sport in many different forms such as stride swimming, frog swimming, butterfly swimming, freestyle swimming, or mixed individual swimming.

Swimming practice is not only interesting but also brings many benefits to your health. This is an almost perfect sport. Practicing this sport helps you lose weight effectively, increase blood circulation, train heart and lung Besides, swimming also helps you to effectively prevent and treat joint diseases and also helps you relieve stress and relax mentally.

Water polo

The water polo sport is not as popular and hot as the king sport, but it is no less attractive. Playing water sports helps to train your health and increase your endurance. Water polo with its simple gameplay and rules is increasingly popular.

This sport originated in England in the late nineteenth century. This sport demonstrates the prowess of swimming and it is officially included in the athletic Olympics. Choosing this subject for fun and physical training is extremely fun.


This is very popular in many countries around the world. Wakeboarding is a water sport where you will stand on a skateboard called Wakeboard and be dragged by yachts above the water. This extreme sport attracts many peopler around the world.


One of the 5 most loved and developed water sports today is kayaking. This subject was introduced in the 90s and spread everywhere.

Playing water sports is not only enjoyable for you, but it also has many benefits. Above is a list of 5 water sports that we want to send for your reference.

What water sports to enjoy this summer? (Part 2)

Skateboarding SUP

Skateboarding SUP is a new water sport in the world. SUP Rowing has recently attracted a lot of players to join and is gaining in popularity. With this board you can play in all regions from still water to cave, a special thing is that you can practice yoga right on this board. An exciting sport you should try.

Skateboarding SUP is a new water sport in the world


This is a scuba diving, players use only scuba goggles and snorkel. You can dive into a small depth to be able to see the scenery underwater. You don’t need too many breathing techniques. With this sport, you will be able to see beautiful coral reefs and it is suitable for the sea in the central regions.

Scuba diving

This is also a type of diving but at a deeper and more professional dive. Players will be fully equipped with clothing, air tanks, shoes, hats, gloves… When playing, you will be trained and detailed instructions on diving techniques before playing. Once you have mastered your driving skills, you can now dive deeper and explore all of the seabeds.

Banana board float

Water sport for those who want to play in groups. You will be able to sit on a buoy and be dragged across the sea by a canoe. Gives players a strong feeling, excitement, and stimulation for players. Enjoy the feeling of being with family and friends boarding a banana board.

Enjoy the feeling of being with family and friends boarding a banana board

Inflatable water park

This is a fairly safe water sport for ages 6 and up. With buoys combined create a wonderful underwater park. If you go in groups and have many children, this is a quite suitable sport.


It is an extreme sport for those who are passionate about and discover new things. Players will have to balance on a board and be brought up with the water pressure from the jet ski engine. Once the player has mastered you can fly in the air, if better you can acrobatics and perform all the moves.

Flyboarding is an extreme water sport

Above is the water sports information that we offer you, you can choose for yourself the right sports for your vacation. Wish you have the most relaxing moments and play your best with these attractive water sports.

What water sports to enjoy this summer? (Part 1)

Hot summer water sports are a suitable choice for you. What sports do you already know? Find out through our article below to learn more about some water sports.


Swimming is a very popular sport for everyone. One of the favorite sports chosen by many people. There are many swimming styles that you can choose from such as frog swimming, butterfly swimming, coordinated swimming… in the sports of the Olympic Games.

Swimming is a very popular sport for everyone

Sports suitable for all ages, a fitness sport. You can choose for a swimming pool to swim instead of going to the sea.

Kite surfing

This is an extreme sport, attracting the attention of many players because of its strangeness, and players will be pulled up by a canoe with a parachute, with a protective cover, a life jacket to help you comfortably enjoy the feeling of hovering while still safe to play.

You will be flying at an altitude of 70-100m when the parachute you wear will help you float on the water and the canoe will pull you up and bring you ashore.


Jetski is the favorite water sport of many people

This is a water sport that is loved by many people in the seas. A sport for those who like thrills. Once you are in your life jacket, the tour guide will show you how to ride the motorcycle. A feeling of desolation when experiencing the underwater motorcycle, you will be restored to the waves, creating excitement for players.


Kayaking is a gentle sport that allows you to relax and enjoy the natural scenery. A sport that is easy to play and suitable for the whole family. This is also a good weight-loss method, as you rowing will help remove excess fat from the belly. You can choose this sport to anyone.

Exercising water sports plays a very good role in promoting health, especially height growth for the practitioner. Besides, for effective practice, you can combine with many sports such as soccer. This is a sport that is very supportive of water sports.

7 benefits of exercising underwater that you may not know (Part 1)

Water exercise is a gentle form of exercise but it helps you lose weight quickly and improve bones and joints. Also, water makes the training process much more enjoyable when you are bored of the exercises on land!

Exercise in any form is very good for health, but water exercises will be the right choice for those who like to move gently and flexibly. Your body will not suffer as much impact as it does with normal exercise, so you will be less tired and you will sweat less.

Water sports bring many great benefits

Here are the benefits that you will get from practicing water sports. Let’s check out!

1. Water exercise helps you to effectively lose weight

You can lose weight faster if you exercise in water because strength and cardiovascular exercise will be maximized with the extra resistance of water. Just 30–60 exercise in water a day can help you burn up to 300–500 calories depending on the intensity of the exercise and your weight.

A 2010 study in the Journal of Obesity found that walking and exercising underwater can help you lose fat and reduce your waistline. Not only that, your physique and quality of life will also improve.

2. Water exercise improves bones and joints

Water exercise is gentle but also strengthens the joints because the buoyancy of the water will reduce the pressure on the muscles and thereby reduce the side effects of exercise such as muscle aches or fatigue.

Water sports like swimming improves bones and joints

If you have some joint problems like arthritis, then water sports like swimming, kayaking, surfing… are good choices. Try swimming as it can reduce pain and arthritis as well as increase muscle strength and function in middle-aged people.

A 2013 study published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine states that water exercise is a therapy to improve joint strength and mobility for patients with hemophilia.

Basic things you should know about sea walker (Part 2)

You have the freedom to wear hobby costumes, freely makeup, hair, pose on the seafloor to capture unique photos for yourself. In particular, now visitors are closer to marine species, can touch, play with the fish, and feed them.

Seawalker under the ocean

In addition to Scuba Diving, Sea Walker is an ideal choice for those who want to explore marine life but are not good at swimming or do not want to wear diving gear, you can walk on the seabed and feel the life under the sea. while still able to breathe like on the ground every day. With Sea Walker, you don’t have to be anything like Scuba Diving.

Sea walker is an attractive water sport

You do not need any experience before joining this great game under the sea. Those who do not swim and swim can also enjoy their adventure, you can be completely assured when going underwater because there is always a professional trainer with you anytime, anywhere.

How to enjoy sea walking?

To enjoy this water sport, you will wear an astronaut-style hat, which will help you breathe normally on the seafloor. After that, you will be accompanied by an accompanying guide to diving slowly until the bottom reaches the bottom.

A scene appears before your eyes with the multicolored beauty of corals and wild fish swimming. Step by step walk on the fine white sand carpet, the two sides of the path are coral reefs along with the swaying current. All form a beautiful shimmering and vivid picture.

How to enjoy sea walking?

In a special hat like an astronaut, the participants can roam through colorful coral reefs, watch, and even stroke each flock of small fish swimming freely on the seafloor. If scuba diving gives us the feeling of being immersed in the life of the ocean, sea walker gives us the feeling of a person witnessing the colorful and beautiful life on the seabed.

As can be seen, sea walker is now an attractive water sport to enjoy. If you have a chance, do not forget to try this interesting sport!

Basic things you should know about sea walker (Part 1)

Seawalker is ideal for those who want to explore marine life but are not good at swimming or do not want to dive. This is a soft diving system.

Before exploring the seabed, tourists will be equipped with the latest exploration technology, a helmet with a transparent shield, no gas tank required. Visitors can freely explore the life on the seabed while still breathing like on the ground.

The seabed walking tour is accompanied by a guide, lasting from 15-20 / min, a maximum of 30 minutes. To join this tour, tourists are also given a health check and answered several questions related to health and also have people excluded from the activity because of ineligibility. The seabed walking tour is popular in many countries around the world.

Seawalker is suitable for many ages

The hat for the Seawalker is a modern system of machinery, made up of a polycarbonate outer shell, an iron inner core, a cap with a connection to the oxygen pipe, under the neck of the helmet are holes. air released by the user. This seabed hat has a special design, weighs 40kg, but when worn and underwater, it only weighs about 4kg.

When participating in the game Sea Walker, visitors are equipped with a hat, like the hat of the astronauts. This hat on land, weighing 40kg, is seamlessly molded with Composite and Polycarbon, the glass is cast by fiberglass and attached to the body of the cone with a special glue mixture.

The inside of the hat has a drill underneath that both conducts oxygen into the cone and balances the pressure underwater, the principle of the cone is in this drill, it must put oxygen in and push out the water overflow the top of the hat.

Sea Walker is easier, even children 6 years old to adults 55 years old can participate in this game. Not having to hold their mouth, not wearing just a simple black imitation suit, visitors participating in the Sea Walker game can freely move around on the seafloor, also at a depth of 6 meters.

Underwater pole dance as a new trend of aerobics

When combining two kinds of water and tied together, a new sport was born, promising to bring health benefits from old to young, which is the underwater pole dancing trend.

For a long time, water sport has attracted many people, especially women, because it helps them improve their slim shape without the joints being under as much pressure as when exercising on land.

Now, when these underwater aerobics combined with the well-designed poles in the swimming pool has formed a new type of exercise called AquaPole, the fever of underwater pole dancing. So what additional benefits will it bring to the practitioner?

The origin of AquaPole concept

The AquaPole concept originated in Italy and has now spread to Australia. The 2.2m long pillars are firmly plugged into circular metal bases positioned on the pool floor, providing the practitioner with a great, enjoyable run while showing off in the water.

The strength of the column and the water-resistance accompanying body activity helps the practitioner strengthen the muscles, strengthen the back muscles as well as stimulate the development of muscles while some parts are subtle like joints, cartilage is not as badly affected as in normal exercise without water.

In particular, this domestic gymnastics is suitable for all ages and all difficulty levels, which is a big difference compared to pure ground pole dancing. The trend is growing strongly among young people.

In the past, domestic aerobics was considered only for the old and the old or just the performance repertoire. In the water environment, the human body floats in a gravityless way, so there is almost no difference between a 10-year-old or a 90-year-old, and both sexes have the same health benefits.

AquaPole’s interesting appeal also comes from the fact that the practitioner can perform movements that are not easy to do with a pole in the ground. For example, in the water, you can hold the column and pull your ankles up to your ears with ease and flexibility.

For those who can hold their breath for a long time in the water, without being too reckless, they can still perform difficult but beautiful, flexible movements, which are only reserved for professional pole dancers on the dry.

Otherwise, if you want to train your body purely, you just need to keep your head out of the water to perform basic sticking movements, if you drop your hand in the water, there is no danger.

The beautiful movements of synchronized swimming water sport

The FINA World Championships includes all five subjects of water sports such as swimming, water polo, diving, outdoor swimming, swimming arts. The extremely impressive images of the art swimming sport were recorded by reporters, these are the eye-catching frames for those who both love art and love sports.

The origin of synchronized swimming

The art of swimming appeared in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This subject requires excellent swimming techniques, requires strength, endurance, endurance, flexibility, meticulousness, and the art of preserving breath when submerged in water. During the competition, the player must not touch the bottom of the tank.

Synchronized swimming has become an official Olympic sport since 1984. Let’s take a look at the best images of this sport to feel the magic that seems to be happening under the water.

Athletes keep their feet on the water while they create complex poses with their hands. The acrobatics is one of the technical elements that swimming teams are required to perform in their performance. Music played from the speakers in the water is one of the instructions for athletes

Using teamwork and controlling breathing, athletes preparing to lift a teammate out of the water. Athletes show off movements to make running and jumping on the water look easy. Goggles are not accepted during the competition, so athletes must learn to open their eyes while performing. Teams will be deducted points if the swimmer hits the bottom of the pool during the test.

Amazing things are done underwater

Imagine athletes doing all of the movement without swimming to the surface to breathe. They went through a lot of study and effort. The viewer cannot tell whether the athlete performing this spectacular move is in the air or on the water. The participating teams are required to perform certain technical moves such as acrobatics, dance out of the water, and some other complex movements.

Pattaya as a paradise for water sports in Thailand

As you all know, Pattaya is a paradise for water sports when traveling to Thailand. If you are going to take part in these sports, you should remember some guides below to help you have a safe and enjoyable time.

1. Scuba diving

Follow everything the instructor has told you. Do not dive in swirly waters. Islands off the coast are usually quieter, but should not be windsurfing near the Pattaya coastline.

2. Swimming

Follow some basic rules, like not swimming in rough, remote seas, and it’s best to swim in areas where coast rescuers are located.

3. Fishing

You can fish at local fishing parks with a variety of fish. Some fishing parks will charge a fee based on the number of kilos of fish you catch, if you want to bring back spoils. To catch big fish, you have to go to the Mekong River. Fishing shows are organized by quite a few travel companies.

4. Parachute pull

All instructions must be followed whether you are a beginner or have mastered. It is not recommended to play this sport when it is windy, as your tugboat may capsize at sea. However, you should only play this sport when the safety is guaranteed. If you are new to playing for the first time, or go with experienced players or instructors.

5. Water surfing

Water windsurfing is best suited for the windsurfing area near the Sukhumvit highway, which is a place for beginners to the sport.

6. Windsurfing

The best time for windsurfing here is from September to May. You can take part in competitions held here by the Pattaya Windsurfing Club.

7. Sailing

However, do not sail on windy days, which are very dangerous. Most of the sailing boats are small boats. Make sure you have control of these sad boats as you leave the beach.

Above are top 7 exciting water sports to enjoy when travelling to Pattaya, Thailand. Hopefully, you will have great time in this paradise island.