Kayaking – the opportunity to challenge yourself (Part 2)

The compartment is usually as deep as the sum of the circumference of a human fist and the length of the thumb. As a result, the average kayak is 17 feet (5.2 meters) long, 20-22 inches (50 – 56 cm) wide, and 7 inches (18cm) deep.

2. Modern kayak

Through thousands of years of changes in human society, kayaks also have many improvements in terms of materials and designs. The core of the boat was replaced from wood to fiberglass, inflatable rubber (1950), Rotomolded plastic (1973), and finally the most popular material available today for kayaks including Poletheylene roto-cast.

Not only relying on manpower, but some types of kayaks nowadays are also equipped with an engine that enables the boat to push itself on the water or replace the paddle with mini fans operated by the pedal on the boat.

Some types of kayaks nowadays are also equipped with an engine

When participating in kayaking, you will feel the coolness of the water waves, the freshness of heaven and earth. The feeling of being in the midst of immense and open nature is worth trying, right?

Relieving stress

After stressful working days, what is better than the feeling of waving in the middle of a large river area? Traveling around on beautiful small kayaks, you will not only reduce this long-accumulated stress of yourself but also have the opportunity to experience new, adventurous, and energetic feelings. That is also the reason why kayaking is gradually becoming a thrilling water sport that many young people love.

Training perseverance and courage

Only when you climb on a kayak and paddle it do you feel it. Water waves are not always quiet, and you have to get used to unexpected situations that might arise.

This helps you to have the opportunity to sharpen your senses, to forge courage, calmness, and courage. Because if you are always afraid and easily panic, you will not be able to conquer these beautiful kayaks.

How to know if you have an ideal body to be a professional swimmer? (Part 2)

You have a large and broad sternum (V-back)

The water pulling movements start all over the head, so you will need to have strong lats. Your ribs extend throughout your back, from your spine to your shoulders.

The water pulling that is repeated billions of times while swimming will make your lats grow, well, enlarge. The large, wide back is a unique feature of swimmers regardless of distance or main subject. This big back is intimately related to the next thing that will make people understand that you are a swimmer.

You have the shoulders of a swimmer

V-shape is a popular shape for a swimmer. Possessing a large back and shoulders is sometimes uncomfortable when shopping for a shirt, especially and for girls, a medium-sized shirt is always tight at the shoulder, unable to raise your hand or tighten your chest.

V-shape is a popular shape for a swimmer

And no matter where you go in the world, you can also declare that as a swimmer when looking at the correlation between their waist and shoulder.

You have prominent triceps

Imagine a little bit, an athlete with broad shoulders, a wide back, and small back arm muscles. It looks weird, right? To accommodate the beautifully developed muscles in the back, swimmers are also blessed with large, strong triceps.

For all swimmers, they use triceps to finish a fan cycle, which means during their career they do 3.2 million tricep extensions. With that much activity, the triceps can’t help but be big.

Hair is always wet and shaggy

It’s not too hard to spot an athlete in a crowd by looking at their hair. Even in the winter, they are the ones with wet hair every morning, the collar and shoulders wet all the time. In the summer, when the sun is hot, there are more UV and chlorine rays, the hair will be more shaggy and hard. Not to mention that chlorine turns hair blond without dye and is as dry as straw.


See how many of these things you have? If there is even one factor, congratulations, you are a potential swimmer. You can not u, do not worry, swimming is the sport of all, you can not swim as fast as 1 professional athlete but to swim and even complete sea 1.9km to attend Ironman 70.3 as well will be within your power! Come on, pick up your swimsuit, and go practice!

Do you have an ideal body to be a professional swimmer? (Part 1)

There are tons of benefits when you choose to swim as your sport, but perhaps the best part is that you get a champion of a professional swimmer.

A good body for swimming is usually tall, with long, flexible limbs, broad shoulders, and (usually) a toned belly, a professional athlete looks very trendy during the seasons. Here are signs that you have an ideal body and physical status for this water sport.

You are tall (and most body parts are long)

Swimmers are among the top sports of outstanding height. For example, the average height of the 100m free World Championship male athletes is 1m93, of which the shortest one is the American Rowdy Gaines who is 1m84. (This is also the height of Missy Franklin and Australian speed athlete Cate Campbell

Swimmers are among the top sports of outstanding height

Especially, the stride length of the swimmers is more than 10cm longer than the body length, while the average person has these 2 indexes similar.

Legendary long-distance swimmer Janet Evans is only 1m64 tall. David Berkoff, who is famous for his story about butterfly waves at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, is only 1m75 tall. Or now, Japanese superstar Kosuke Hagino is only 1m75, this shows that even though the trend of the height of swimmers increases, height is not everything.

You are flexible

Before starting the competition, you will always see Michael Phelps flexing and then throwing his hands across his chest for his hands to hit the back, then tossing his arms back to each other. Phelps also has very good elasticity in the ankles, along with hyper-extending, those who have this feature will catch more water than the average person.

The movement must be done from the head, long amplitude requires us to have very flexible ribs, shoulders, and back to have lean.

You have good health

I’m not talking about being as strong as a weightlifting athlete, lifting massive weights in the gym, but about general strength (even though swimmer Nathan Adrian can push 2 dumbbells 160 pounds on each side – about 72kg).

Michael Phelps can pull the bar 30 times at a time, according to me a swimmer must at least be able to pull 5 at the same time and for men, this number must be even more. This is a simple and extremely important exercise for swimmers to develop upper body strength.

Kayaking – the opportunity to challenge yourself (Part 1)

Kayaking is an exciting water sport that give you the opportunity to challenge yourself. In the following article, we will learn about this interesting water sport!

Kayak is the name for a small and narrow boat, invented and first used by the Eskimos living in the cold sub-arctic about 4000 years ago. Like most conventional boats, a kayak also has a deck, divided into one or more cockpits. Kayaks are also operated based on the human force acting on the paddle system.

However, the biggest difference of the kayak is that the deck is covered by a hard waterproof deck, which prevents water from being splashed or spilled from outside, wetting the operator.

Kayaking is an exciting water sport that give you the opportunity to challenge yourself

In the Inuktitut language of the Eskimos, kayak means “hunter’s boat”. Through the name alone, we can understand the purpose that the Eskimos used this boat, right? They use kayaks mainly for hunting in lakes, rivers, and even in the calm coastal regions of the North Atlantic, Arctic Ocean, North Pacific, and Bering Seas.

Types of kayaks

1. Traditional kayak

In kayaking, the earliest kayaks in the history of human civilization are divided into three categories, corresponding to the three largest cradles that gave birth to kayaks including Baidarkas, East Greenland, and West Greenland.

The common point of these 3 traditional kayaks is that the core of the boat is made from the wooden trunk (Western Alaska) or the maxilla (East Inuit), covered with the thick skin of some animals such as seals, Antelopeā€¦

The Kayak is a relatively small and narrowboat, fully maneuvered, designed primarily to be propelled by hand paddles. Traditional kayaks have a deck and one or more cockpits, with one paddle for each seat.

These traditional kayaks are often made based on the boat owner’s body size. The boat length is usually three times the boat owner’s outstretched arm’s length, while the width is measured by the sum of the width of the hips with two hand fists.

The water sports most easily attracted fans

Compared to running hard on the road or sweating profusely when playing sports, water sports received the consent and love of many people.

Both fun and entertaining and active in promoting your health, water-related sports is always a good choice, especially in hot weather, sweating can cause sweating. exhausted tired. Let’s learn the 5 most popular subjects in this category.


Certainly, when it comes to water sports, there must be swimming – the sport has been voted as the 5 most attractive sports in the world.

Swimming helps develop the physical fitness of the practitioner comprehensively and is suitable for all subjects, all ages. Regular swimming tournaments are also a great motivation for those who love this sport.


This is a subject for those who are passionate about speed on the water. The feeling of sitting on the boat, surfing on top of the waves, playing with the cool stream is what makes players love this game.

This is a subject for those who are passionate about speed on the water


Wakeboarding boards are rectangular, narrowly designed, adding shoes on the board. It wouldn’t be too difficult to get started with this. What the player does is stand on a board and glide zigzag across the water with the pull of a rope tied to a boat running at sea.


Scuba diving has many health benefits for every person, especially for a healthier respiratory system. Moreover, scuba diving gives trainees a very interesting life experience when they have the opportunity to watch life happening on the seabed, watch the aquatic animals swimming around.

Water polo

A combination of handball and swimming, water polo is a great choice for team activities that require cohesion among the team members. But at the same time no less fun and attractive.  When playing water polo, the lung capacity while active can be up to 9 liters, extremely beneficial for personal health, enhancing metabolism and circulation.

The most attractive water sports and activities to enjoy in Bali (Part 1)

There are plenty of favorite water sports to enjoy in Bali. In addition to swimming and scuba diving, visitors to Bali who are addicted to thrilling games can also participate in activities of high-speed rowing boat windsurfing, to experience the wind blowing moments, and even many other exciting activities waiting for you on this magical island!


Surfing is the main activity exploited in most resorts at famous beaches such as Kuta. Meanwhile, the challenging coral reefs are mainly concentrated around the Bukit peninsula.

Alternatively, we can also try the seabed trekking experience to explore the amazing underwater scenes in Bali – this activity is exploited on Nusa Lembongan Island. Here are the best water sports activities in Bali to please you.

Undeniably, surfing is a sport that has led to an increase in the number of visitors to Kuta, making it Bali’s most popular beach. Besides, elite surfers from all over the world find the perfect waves on all beaches in Bali, challenges around the Bukit peninsula, or sandy beaches.

Black Medewi and Canggu Surfing are at the top of the list of the best underwater activities for visitors to enjoy around Bali’s seas. Though, there are different types of wave rides for travelers of all levels, including windsurfing, windsurfing, and kite surfing. There is also a short wave riding service for visitors who are first exposed to the water sport.

Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle is the main activity exploited in most resorts at famous beaches

Often referred to simply as SUP – short for Stand Up Paddle, standing boating is another form of wave riding in Bali, a fun and popular form of people. With its special design, the boat deck allows you to stand firmly upright, while a paddle allows you to cruise at your desired speed.

The most popular thrilling water sports to enjoy nowadays (Part 2)

It is best not to exceed the speed of 60 km/h and run down the waves to avoid being splashed in the face, blocking vision. In extreme sports, this is the most popular service, available in almost all beach resorts.


Less popular but equally attractive, windsurfing impresses adventurous and thrilling travelers. Windsurfing and parachute windsurfing are the two main types imported into our country. This extreme sport gives visitors a sense of freedom when riding the wind, riding waves, and having fun with the sun.

Cano pull water slide

This is a thrilling sports game but very fun and the game that brings the most laughter to visitors. After an afternoon lying in the sun on long sandy beaches, it gives visitors a wonderful feeling.

Visitors must wear a life jacket and board a banana float boat tied to a motor canoe by a sturdy cable. Canoes towboats at high speed from 50-80km/h in the cheers of the participants excited.


When participating in scuba diving, visitors will be equipped with professional equipment as a diver including diving clothes, glasses eyes, breathing tubes, gas cylinders, and lead harnesses.

After a few notations with your instructor, you will begin your journey to explore the ocean at a depth of 6-10 meters. The beautiful coral reefs and cute, colorful sea creatures will attract you not only once, but also invite you to come back next time.

Diving is journey to explore the ocean at a depth of 6-10 meters


Snorkeling is so fun, but visitors will have to deal with tinnitus, even breathlessness. Therefore, before diving, you should discuss carefully with the instructor the necessary skills and tips. Every visitor going to the sea has a guide to follow until you get ashore, so you can be completely assured.


There are many other adventure games on the sea such as pulling banana buoys, controlling boats to fight sea monsters, using rafts to cross the sea, swimming basket boats… These games always give visitors a feeling of excitement and chalk. encouragement, making them not regret opening their budget to join.

The most popular thrilling water sports to enjoy nowadays (Part 1)

Currently, adventurous water sports such as parachutes, water motorcycles, scuba diving bring a different feeling to visitors.

Beach parachuting

Parachuting is one of the most exciting adventure sports at sea, powered by the wind, canoeing, and flying in the air. Protected by the waist and hip buckles, you will be suspended at a height of 70 – 100 m, from which you will enjoy admiring a vast ocean from a unique perspective. The feeling of swinging with the wings even in the wind promises to be one of the most memorable experiences in life.

Parachuting is one of the most exciting adventure sports at sea

When participating in this water sport, pay attention to run at canoe speed until your feet touch the water. Otherwise, it will be easy to fall over before the parachute lifts you. Because it is equipped with a life jacket, you can be completely assured when taking the water to lower the parachute.

Water motorbike

Equally interesting though flying is the water motorbike. The water motorcycle is designed like a scooter made of composite plastic. After a few minutes of listening to the instructions, you can screw the gas and launch comfortably on the vast sea like a professional racer. You will not forget the ultimate enjoyment when surfing like flying on the waves.

This is a fascinating game for people who love speed and love thrills. The water motorcycle is designed to look like a scooter made of composite plastic.

So, just listening to the instructions, the player can screw the gas and launch comfortably on the vast sea like a professional racer. Surely the feeling of flying like flying on the sea will be an unforgettable enjoyment for any visitor who has once experienced this sport.

With this game, it’s normal to flip a motorcycle. When you do, you should calmly climb up and continue, as the vehicle is still floating after overturning. You must have mastery of the speed and keep the steering wheel firmly in front of the waves.

Explore the attractive life-saving surfing events in Australia (Part 1)

Australia launched the world’s first lifesaving surf club at Bondi Beach in 1906. Since then, the burly Australian tanned lifeguards dressed in dark red and gold has become iconic statues for our coastal lifestyle. They have saved nearly half a million people at sea.

These daily daring acts are due to the surfing club culture, which started as ‘Nippers’ kid athletes under seven years old and ended with tough and strong athletes. known by the nicknames ‘Ironmen’ and ‘Ironwomen’. Surf festivals are held on beaches across Australia between November and April. Here’s a guide to some of the biggest events.

Nutri-Grain Ironman & Ironwoman Series by Kellogg, Queensland

There are five events in this iconic Ironman tournament held in January and February. The first four events take place on two weekends along with the Gold and Sunshine Beaches, and the last is usually held at Sydney’s Cronulla Beach.

Don’t miss the chance to see 36 of Australia’s toughest lifeguard surfers show off their skills in windsurfing, paddleboarding, swimming, and beach sprinting. The atmosphere becomes even more interesting in the final in Cronulla when two male and female contestants participate in a class competition.

Follow the first tournaments south along the Pacific Coast Touring Route, stopping at Byron Bay, Coffs Harbor, and Stephens along the way.

Surveillance Rescue Australia, Queensland

Lifeguards from more than 300 surf clubs gathered on the Gold Coast for the four-day Australian Championships in March. It is the sport’s largest event in the world and so on. You’ll see aspiring teenagers, champions, and Olympic athletes out of the 7,000-plus contestants.

Every aspect of the rescue contest is reflected in this unique Australian festival. Watch windsurfing and paddleboarding, windsurfing, rescue and relay runs, and Ironman and Ironwoman competitions. These are just some of the nearly 300 events that will take place. Relax on the sand and enjoy the festivities, music, and beach entertainment.

Ironwoman Australia Competition, New South Wales

You will admire the tough athletes of the Australian Ironman and Ironwoman competitions, held at Port Macquarie in May. The race includes swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles, and running 26.2. miles, and athletes need both speed and technology to win.

Ironwoman Australia Competition, New South Wales

Watch sports heroes perform their diverse abilities to choose from 40 slots for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. The event also included the Ironman 70.3 competition, the qualifying round for the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship which took place in Thailand.

Save some energy to explore the beautiful Port of Macquarie, along the Pacific Coast Touring Route, between Sydney and Brisbane.

The great benefits of water sports that may surprise you

Water sports bring many outstanding health benefits for all ages and bring miraculous effects that no one would expect.

Helps with weight loss

The first and foremost motivation for anyone involved in this type of exercise is weight loss. Exercising in water can help you lose weight faster than doing exercise on the ground. Because the whole body in the water is trained even if you target a specific body area. Ideally, exercise for 30-60 minutes underwater.

Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

If you do water sports, all the muscles in your body are working at the same time. This is very beneficial for metabolism and makes the body have a healthy appetite. Also, it strengthens the immune system, thereby reducing the risk of a variety of dangerous chronic diseases typically such as impaired immune system function.

Increases muscle strength

As mentioned earlier, when you do water sports, your body is in balance and muscles get the most active. The water-fighting technique helps in muscle growth and strengthening.

Strengthens the bones

Instead of exercising in the gym or on the treadmill, play water sports. Movement like sailing or other water sports (swimming, water polo, divingā€¦) can improve a woman’s bone density after menopause.

Improves flexibility and portability

Water sports are beneficial in improving back and body flexibility. Flexibility is an important factor in athletic performance because poor flexibility can limit range of motion and mobility, and decrease movement balance and coordination.

Water sports are beneficial in improving back and body flexibility

Improves back flexibility

A 2013 study published in the Journal of Physical Science found that underwater aerobic therapy exercise was an effective exercise method to train older adults to reduce the risk of falls.

Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

When you participated in water sports, you worked all the muscles in your body. It will increase your metabolism and give you an appetite. When your metabolism increases with cravings, you eat more. At the same time, this helps to increase your body’s energy, increases immunity, helps protect you from chronic diseases.

Reduces stress

Water is very relaxing and soothing for the mind and helps calm your spirits. It stimulates endorphins, the happy hormone that helps lift your mood.

Improves general health

Low-impact exercises improve general well-being. The buoyancy of the water does not put much pressure on the body or joints, but keeps them safe. You may also feel not tired after the water exercise. Regular swimming is very effective for relieving joint pain as well as helping bones strong.