Unique underwater yoga and absolute weight loss effect

Have you ever heard of Yoga under water? Aqua yoga or underwater yoga is a type of yoga in which the asana postures are performed in water. This is a gentle activity and can be more accessible to those who have to work with heavy exercise such as Gym, Zumba, Dance.

The effect of underwater yoga will also help you lose weight with a firmer body but not a single sweat. Join me to learn about other unimaginable benefits as well as the self-training exercises of this underwater Yoga!

With Yoga underwater, no matter how long you practice, you will not sweat at all. On the contrary, if you are at a fairly small and hot ground gym, you will suffer sweating and heat.

You will not need the yoga mats, pillows or hammocks when flying into the water. Besides, you will avoid physical injuries from other Yoga schools practicing on the ground and practice mat.

Since in the country you will be almost weightless, you can perform Asana poses without worrying about falling or falling to the ground. In addition, you can fully focus on stretching and increasing the body’s flexibility in water. This will be a great place for you to try hard movements and develop your own extreme abilities.

Underwater yoga still applies the postures, breathing and principles of yoga. Therefore, with Yoga underwater will increase the ability to focus, stabilize your mind and reduce stress for you, promote the meditation process easier.

Before training, start warmly, drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Because you are in a state of water practising Yoga movements, move slowly. When starting deep water movements, take a deep breath and exhale slowly to avoid choking and drinking too much water.

Many people often think that it is impossible to meditate while underwater. However, this is a great way for you to burn calories, effectively reducing excess fat