Basic things you should know about sea walker (Part 2)

You have the freedom to wear hobby costumes, freely makeup, hair, pose on the seafloor to capture unique photos for yourself. In particular, now visitors are closer to marine species, can touch, play with the fish, and feed them.

Seawalker under the ocean

In addition to Scuba Diving, Sea Walker is an ideal choice for those who want to explore marine life but are not good at swimming or do not want to wear diving gear, you can walk on the seabed and feel the life under the sea. while still able to breathe like on the ground every day. With Sea Walker, you don’t have to be anything like Scuba Diving.

Sea walker is an attractive water sport

You do not need any experience before joining this great game under the sea. Those who do not swim and swim can also enjoy their adventure, you can be completely assured when going underwater because there is always a professional trainer with you anytime, anywhere.

How to enjoy sea walking?

To enjoy this water sport, you will wear an astronaut-style hat, which will help you breathe normally on the seafloor. After that, you will be accompanied by an accompanying guide to diving slowly until the bottom reaches the bottom.

A scene appears before your eyes with the multicolored beauty of corals and wild fish swimming. Step by step walk on the fine white sand carpet, the two sides of the path are coral reefs along with the swaying current. All form a beautiful shimmering and vivid picture.

How to enjoy sea walking?

In a special hat like an astronaut, the participants can roam through colorful coral reefs, watch, and even stroke each flock of small fish swimming freely on the seafloor. If scuba diving gives us the feeling of being immersed in the life of the ocean, sea walker gives us the feeling of a person witnessing the colorful and beautiful life on the seabed.

As can be seen, sea walker is now an attractive water sport to enjoy. If you have a chance, do not forget to try this interesting sport!

Basic things you should know about sea walker (Part 1)

Seawalker is ideal for those who want to explore marine life but are not good at swimming or do not want to dive. This is a soft diving system.

Before exploring the seabed, tourists will be equipped with the latest exploration technology, a helmet with a transparent shield, no gas tank required. Visitors can freely explore the life on the seabed while still breathing like on the ground.

The seabed walking tour is accompanied by a guide, lasting from 15-20 / min, a maximum of 30 minutes. To join this tour, tourists are also given a health check and answered several questions related to health and also have people excluded from the activity because of ineligibility. The seabed walking tour is popular in many countries around the world.

Seawalker is suitable for many ages

The hat for the Seawalker is a modern system of machinery, made up of a polycarbonate outer shell, an iron inner core, a cap with a connection to the oxygen pipe, under the neck of the helmet are holes. air released by the user. This seabed hat has a special design, weighs 40kg, but when worn and underwater, it only weighs about 4kg.

When participating in the game Sea Walker, visitors are equipped with a hat, like the hat of the astronauts. This hat on land, weighing 40kg, is seamlessly molded with Composite and Polycarbon, the glass is cast by fiberglass and attached to the body of the cone with a special glue mixture.

The inside of the hat has a drill underneath that both conducts oxygen into the cone and balances the pressure underwater, the principle of the cone is in this drill, it must put oxygen in and push out the water overflow the top of the hat.

Sea Walker is easier, even children 6 years old to adults 55 years old can participate in this game. Not having to hold their mouth, not wearing just a simple black imitation suit, visitors participating in the Sea Walker game can freely move around on the seafloor, also at a depth of 6 meters.