You can experience the trend of swimming with sharks fascinating in Koh Phi Phi island

The sweltering heat of summer was very near. If you want to escape very far, to somewhere immersed in the clear, cool water of the sea, surely Koh Phi Phi is an option not to be missed.

Besides the natural beauty retains many pristine beauty, this beautiful archipelago also has interesting activities. You should catch up with trends such as underwater photography or swimming with sharks.

Koh Phi Phi is a large archipelago located off the Krabi province, made up of 6 small peach islands, including Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Leh, Mai Phai, Yung, Bida Nok and Bida Noi.

If viewed from above, this place looks like two P’s lying next to each other.

Den Koh Phi Phi, trai nghiem trao luu boi cung ca map day hap dan hinh anh 13

Last March was a chance for many people to join the journey to explore Koh Phi Phi. The sharks that live around Koh Phi Phi island have been well researched and safe for tour operators.

Coming to Koh Phi Phi, it will be really regrettable for this island if you just lie on the white sand, listen to the waves or simply bathe like other beaches. Mother Nature has offered here an amazing underwater wonder with countless corals as well as colorful sea fish.

Den Koh Phi Phi, trai nghiem trao luu boi cung ca map day hap dan hinh anh 6

Diving is more complicated because you will need professional diving equipment with oxygen tanks to dive deep down.

Jumping into the sea is very refreshing. On the way to discover Phi Phi Island, the boat will stop at a shark stop or frequented for you to jump down to play with them.

Many people will probably be afraid when surrounded by animals that are dubbed the “ocean killer”. However, not all sharks are dangerous, so visitors can be completely assured when participating in this extremely unique experience.