What are water sports shoes and worth it

Sport shoes and their uses are well known. There are models that are fashion-oriented, serving the needs of going out, meeting friends or attending parties.

There are also product lines born to support sports practice. Even today, the trend of sports shoes is gradually giving priority to flexibility and usability combining both purposes above.

Amidst that exciting development, many unique shoes with the same and unique function were released. Water sports shoes are a good example like that. A pair of sports shoes but know “wading”. Shape, material like it? And it’s different from ordinary Sneaker.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho GIÀY THỂ THAO DƯỚI NƯỚC

Sport shoes is the term for shoes used for sports activities. Usually it has a rubber sole. According to Fandy, water sports shoes were used in Trekking. Compact form, fits in a sock, fits your foot. Designed in the form of unisex sport shoes, omits most of the extra details.

They ensure the flexibility and mobility of the product. The sole has nails to increase grip, prevent slipping. In addition, it is indispensable for absolute water resistance thanks to rubber and TPU.

The problem that everyone has encountered but always ignored by the sea is the sandy feet, causing discomfort and pain. To solve this, all versions of the water sports shoes are equipped with plastic studs under the sole. It remedies the case of subsidence and gives a feeling of light movement.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho GIÀY THỂ THAO DƯỚI NƯỚC

Water sports shoes can be considered as a “good companion” for Trekker throughout their every journey. Users will be completely comfortable conquering the most dangerous terrain on their own feet. Throw away all worries about shoe durability, or the feeling of foot pain when using it.

A couple that has a bold, standard Streetwear design. Has a waterproof transparent material from Off-White. Ready to work with you to create amazing clothes, even an underwater On-feet photo. Too interesting is not it!