The beautiful movements of synchronized swimming water sport

The FINA World Championships includes all five subjects of water sports such as swimming, water polo, diving, outdoor swimming, swimming arts. The extremely impressive images of the art swimming sport were recorded by reporters, these are the eye-catching frames for those who both love art and love sports.

The origin of synchronized swimming

The art of swimming appeared in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This subject requires excellent swimming techniques, requires strength, endurance, endurance, flexibility, meticulousness, and the art of preserving breath when submerged in water. During the competition, the player must not touch the bottom of the tank.

Synchronized swimming has become an official Olympic sport since 1984. Let’s take a look at the best images of this sport to feel the magic that seems to be happening under the water.

Athletes keep their feet on the water while they create complex poses with their hands. The acrobatics is one of the technical elements that swimming teams are required to perform in their performance. Music played from the speakers in the water is one of the instructions for athletes

Using teamwork and controlling breathing, athletes preparing to lift a teammate out of the water. Athletes show off movements to make running and jumping on the water look easy. Goggles are not accepted during the competition, so athletes must learn to open their eyes while performing. Teams will be deducted points if the swimmer hits the bottom of the pool during the test.

Amazing things are done underwater

Imagine athletes doing all of the movement without swimming to the surface to breathe. They went through a lot of study and effort. The viewer cannot tell whether the athlete performing this spectacular move is in the air or on the water. The participating teams are required to perform certain technical moves such as acrobatics, dance out of the water, and some other complex movements.