The longest water slide in the world

The 1,111-meter water slide at Penang Escape Park in Malaysia has just been awarded the world’s longest water slide on 6/9 by the Guinness World Records Organization.

Bernama reported that a theme park in George Town, Penang, Malaysia will bring the world’s longest water slide into operation in the second half of October.

Speaking to the press on September 25, the founder and CEO of Penang Escape Park – Mr. Sim Choo Kheng – said the 1,111 meter water slide at this park has just been Guinness World Records Organization (GWR) awarded the title of world’s longest waterslide on 6/9.

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The slide has the highest point up to 70 meters above the ground, including 488 sections of pipe and 326 guard rods. A total of 10,248 screws and screw nuts were used to install the trough.

In addition, the construction unit must also use a record number of steel pipes with a total length of 1.2 km, weighs 66 tons to fix and shape the chute.

Also according to Mr. Sim, the cost of installing the slide is up to 5 million ringgit (about 1.2 million USD), while the construction period of the trough installation lasts nearly 8 months.

Along with the slide, Penang Escape Park also has many other adventure games such as water skiing, cable cars, motorcyclists and tank racing.

The people who came up with the idea of ​​building the park wanted to give both domestic and international visitors a more adventurous, more adventurous feeling.

When completed, the water slide at Escape amusement park will beat the previous Guinness record, more than 600 m. To experience the 1,140 m long slide, visitors must climb to the top of the hill and then slide through the trees in the forest, down to the large swimming pool below for 4 minutes.

Sim Choo Kheng, the park’s executive director, said it had no intention of breaking a world record, but was still proud of the work. One of the reasons the trail is so long is that the park does not want to cut down trees. Last year, they also opened a 300 m slide.