Learn about the origin and popularity of rowing (Part 2)

The subjects trained here will learn how to access world-standard training equipment, get acquainted with the coach, meals, how to exercise, and invest actively in the subject. Now, South Africa also has up to 3 factories producing equipment for this sport.

With these efforts, at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Africa had up to 5 countries competing at the planet’s biggest sporting event including Zimbabwe, South Africa, Egypt, Cameroon, and Kenya.

Talking about the formation of the Rowing Federation in the countries from the early days, the President of the Egyptian Rowing Federation said, the Egyptian Rowing Federation was established in 1907 and became a member of FISA in 1925.

With a wealth of experience and longevity attached to this sport, up to now, this Federation has 30 boat racing clubs with more than 1,000 great rowers. And as one of the first countries to develop Rowing, Egypt also wishes to further promote the development of this sport in many countries around the world.

Mr. Khaled Zein Eldin is extremely optimistic about the potential for Rowing in the African region when he announced that there will be more African representatives present at Olympics London in 2012. It is affirmative and also the determination of those who love this sport in Africa.

The benefits of rowing

As with other sports, rowing can be very beneficial in enhancing and enhancing your health. Athletes mostly have to use the muscles of the whole body when rowing, especially the muscles of the arms, back, and legs, and combining the limbs together.

It can be said that rowing is the most demanding subject of all

It can be said that rowing is the most demanding subject of all. So, when rowing, you will be exercising and moving in almost every muscle, thereby helping you to have supple and comprehensive health.

A team water sport

This is one of the five water sports, practiced in groups, requiring very high teamwork skills. All members of the team must understand, rhythm, and coordinate smoothly and accurately in each action to bring the boat as quickly as possible to the destination.

Currently, rowing has become a quite popular sport, attracting many young people to participate. Not only learned sailing skills but also strengthened the body, feeling very interesting when surfing on the water.