7 benefits you may not know of exercising underwater (Part 2)

3. Exercising in water helps the body to stay supple

Water-resistance will partially remove this gravity and make you more flexible in the field impact. Water exercise is very helpful in improving back and lowers body endurance. This flexibility is very important if you want to improve your physique and balance.

Exercising in water helps the body to stay supple

Warm water is the best choice if you want to improve flexibility because warm water will help soften muscles. You should choose a swimming pool with warm water to exercise.

In 2013, the Journal of Physical Therapy Science reported that underwater aerobic exercise will help the elderly maintain a better balance and reduce the risk of falling.

4. Water exercise helps stabilize heart rate

Water will help blood circulate more efficiently throughout the body. This will help you lower your blood pressure and regulate your heart rate. Furthermore, water exercise is also a way to increase cardiovascular endurance.

The Asian Journal of Sports Medicine in 2010 showed that 10 weeks of water aerobic exercise helps ease high blood pressure. This is the right way to control blood pressure for overweight people and the elderly with joint or respiratory problems.

5. Water exercise helps increase muscle strength

Water is always moving and changing directions, creating more resistance than air. The resistance of the water will help the muscles to move more and from there stronger.

Water exercise helps increase muscle strength

A 2016 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that water and terrestrial exercises are equally effective in helping to strengthen muscles. However, this needs to be verified with more experiments.

6. Water exercise helps you relax

It is very peaceful and relaxing to watch the sea or activities at the pool. But being immersed in water can also reduce stress on the body and mind. The relaxing powers of water are so good that the reputation of running water is also used for meditation.

Exercising in water stimulates the brain to release endorphins that make you feel good. Also, these exercises increase the amount of oxygen to the muscles and regulate breathing.

7. Water exercise helps you more economically

Exercising in water does not require tools such as weights or machines. Water resistance has the same effect as these tools. This is a very convenient and inexpensive form of exercise that few people think about.

Above are 7 benefits you may not know of exercising underwater.